5. ZWF-GET-TOGETHER im großen Festsaal des Bundesministeriums für Verfassung

Sachverständigenbestellung in Wirtschafts- und Finanzstrafverfahren. Das 5. ZWF-GET-TOGETHER greift wichtige Praxisfrage auf


Dr. Vanessa McAllister am 30.1.2020 beim TUSCULUM Diskussionsforum

Der Untreuetatbestand im Lichte der aktuellen Rechtsprechung – strafrechtliche Risiken für Unternehmen und die öffentliche Hand

„Untreue: Zurück zu den Wurzeln“ beim 26. Insolvenz-Forum Grundlsee

Vom 14. bis 16. November 2019 fand unter der wissenschaftlichen Leitung von Univ.-Prof. Dr Andreas Konecny in der Steiermark das 26. Insolvenz-Forum...

Dangl, Unternehmensinterne Untersuchungen (Internal Investigations) 

Internal investigations to clarify a violation of the law within a company are becoming more and more important in Austria. For the purpose of the...

§ 153 StGB + § 39 FinStrG = 20 years in prison?

At the 4th ZWF-GET-TOGETHER, the participants discussed the questionability of the penalty frame in the light of the principle of equality.

Panel Discussion & Book Presentation: "Monster Trial - Commercial Criminal Proceedings"

On the occasion of the new publication "Praktikerkommentar Wirtschaftsstrafrecht" published in summer 2018, editors and renowned legal experts...

Sagmeister, Preisabsprachen (Price Agreements)

The publication deals with sanctions against legal entities due to violations of antitrust law and criminal law in connection with price agreements in...

Money laundering through fees? Do I have to report my client for suspicion on money laundering?

Prevention of money laundering and effects on the lawyer-client relationship of mutual trust were discussed on the occasion of the third...

Book Presentation „Handbuch Strafverteidigung“ with Vice-Chancellor Brandstetter at the 'MANZ' bookstore

First Austrian manual for defence lawyers - Laudator Brandstetter: "Simply fantastic!"

Cohen, Drittbegünstigung auf den Todesfall (Contract in favour of a third party in the event of death)

Anyone who is able to conclude contracts about his assets during his lifetime wants to retain this freedom even after his death. In practice,...